GreenFIX since 1995

GreenFIX was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of rolled erosion control blankets (ECB’s). The company soon developed a reputation as one of the premier providers OF ECB’s in North America and holds a patent (Patent No. 6,929,425) on the CFG2000 Geogrid Reinforced Turf Reinforcement Mat.

Over the past 7 years, GreenFIX and its affiliated companies have expanded the business beyond ECB manufacturing and sales. The owners of GreenFIX have embraced alternative fuel, alternative energy, resource-recovery and water conservation as an integral part of building a group of responsible, successful businesses. In doing so, many of our projects have received the support of government, agencies and municipalities to include SCAQMD, MSRC, CEC, CVAG, the City of Palm Springs, the County of Imperial, the County of Riverside the Imperial Irrigation District and others.


By utilizing the experiences we’ve learned from operating Heavy-Duty LNG trucks, sales/servicing CNG fueling sites, building LCNG fueling sites and building solar applications for GreenFIX affiliated companies, the owners have expanded GreenFIX into a green solutions provider supported by a wide spectrum of products, applications and consulting.

GreenFIX has a clear understanding of the challenges the small to mid-size business owner faces when implementing green technology. Why, because we’ve invested a great deal of our own personal time and capital in doing so. Our “real world” experience and risk taking, supported by a network of contacts and professionals that mitigate the “concept to build” challenges, makes GreenFIX uniquely qualified to consult, design and deliver for our customers.