LNG Re-Gasification Solutions

LNG Re-Gasification Solutions

Temporary or Permanent Natural Gas Service

GreenFIX was founded in 1995 with the alternative fuel, alternative energy, resource-recovery, and water conservation markets as the heart of the business. The company has a successful history serving a variety of industries including agricultural markets, industrial construction, municipalities, temporary fuel supply projects, and large and small private fleet owners with mobile and stationary LCNG fueling.

GreenFIX incorporates on-site service and project management to compliment customized equipment design and fabrication for LNG and LCNG equipment and is an authorized dealer of Bauer Compressors. These capabilities uniquely position GreenFIX to design, install, and manage equipment/service packages that maximize specific needs of individual clients and projects.

Our objectives are twofold: Provide commercial client's alternatives to petroleum-based fuels and support industrial enterprises during curtailment and maintenance outages to ensure no customer interruption. provides fuel supply and logistics to clients in commercial, industrial, agricultural, and transportation enterprises for both long-term solutions and short-term projects.

GreenFix handles all midstream and downstream operations including technical expertise and support. GreenFix provides equipment for the storage, transportation and processing of cryogenic and high pressure gas for both long and short term leases for a full fleet of equipment that includes ISO containers for the storage and transportation of CNG and LNG

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Rent & Sales

We now have rentals and leases available for a variety of equipment. 

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