Small CNG Compressors

Small CNG Compressors

There’s nothing new about running your car on other fuels apart from gasoline, in fact there are millions of vehicles in the world today that don’t use gasoline or diesel. Fueling you vehicle at home or work using the same gas that heats your home, office or factory isn’t new either. This type of fuel is called Compressed Natural Gas or CNG for short.

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Micro Series CNG Systems provide an economical and convenient way to refuel over-the-road or in-plant natural gas equipped vehicles, large or small. What could be easier – convenience of re-fueling at home or at work plus:

  • Low capital cost allows fleets of any size to realize the convenience & economic benefits of on-site natural gas refueling.
  • Accommodates applications for Time-Fill
  • Significantly lower fuel costs (up to 60%)
  • No need to visit a retail fuel station
  • Less volatile fuel price
  • No Fuel Maker scheduled service interval shut downs
  • Low emission fuel
  • C02 saving technology (20%)
  • Quiet, automated and simple to operate
  • Modular design for easy field servicing
  • Locally stocked and serviced


Enjoy the cost benefits associated with Time-Fill refueling by taking advantage of vehicle downtime and off-peak electricity rates

Basic Package

Greenfix CNG Basic Time-Fill package can produce 100 GGEs per day which typically satisfies fleet fueling requirements of 8 light duty vehicles. The system is easily modified for smaller or larger commerciall fleets. As your fleet and fuel needs grow, additional compression can be added.

ComesComplete with:

  • Compression Module Sized Fit Your Daily Requirements
  • High Pressure Flex Hose
  • NGV1 Refill Connector
  • Fueling Control Panel

Users of the Greenfix Natural Gas Fueling System will appreciate how easy it is to operate. Under the time-fill method, initiating the refueling process is as simple as connecting the hose nozzle to the vehicle receptacle. From that point on, everything is automatic, including the shutdown of the system when the vehicle’s fuel cylinder is full. Time-fill refueling takes place overnight or any other time the vehicle is not in use - completely unattended.

Advantages & Benefits

Overnight Time-Fill method takes advantage of vehicle downtime and off-peak electricity rates  Meets all internationally recognized codes and standards  Sold and serviced through Greenfix America CNG Services national dealer network. Modular design allows the system to grow according to your needs  Compact footprint and quiet operation - can be installed in a variety of locations, including noise sensitive areas With a mix of Time-Fill and Fast-Fill, the Combo-Fill refueling system offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy the cost benefits associated with Time-Fill refueling with the convenience of Fast-Fill refueling.

Sold, Installed and Serviced by Greenfix America CNG Services


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