Bauer  Compact Series Compressors

Bauer Compact Series Compressors

The BAUER Compact Series Self Contained Compression System is ideal for fleets requiring up to 20+ GGE per hour. The compact series compressor is also available as a duplex system that can offer twice the amount of fuel as well as the security of redundancy. Due to its unique footprint and low operating costs, it is suited for industrial and commercial applications. The compressor can be setup for fast fill or time fill requirements, using ancillary equipment to provide a complete turnkey CNG station. The compact series is designed to provide an affordable solution for fleets that require a reliable solution to re-fuel their natural gas vehicles.

  • Same system accommodates C15 - C22 compressor models
  • Available for simplex and duplex systems
  • Multi-vehicle flexibility
  • Time-fill and/or fast-fill applications
  • Air - Cooled, pressure lubricated, continuous-duty rated
  • Highest durability rated, unmatched reliability
  • Affordable and economical