LCNG Stations

LCNG Stations


This is a complete LCNG Mobile  Refueling Platform


  • Self Contained LCNG Mobile Refueling
  • Provides Heavy Duty Truck Refueling
  • 5400 Gallon
  • Vapor Recovery System Heavy & Light Duty Vehicles

As the “QRS System” is the basis for all GreenFIX fueling solutions, tank sizes and additional equipment features can be ordered based on fuel volume dispensed, fuel type and fuel use. GreenFIX can design and build a QRS unit for stationary applications based on customer requirements. The units and fueling systems are scalable and tailored for specific use. Optional  mobile equipment can also be connected to produce compressed natural gas "CNG" from LNG to fuel CNG powered vehicles. Manual or automatic CNG dispensing is available with or without fuel metering and card lock control. With the “QRS System”, GreenFIX designs and builds a least-cost fueling station to meet the customer’s needs. And, since the system components are above ground, you can easily move the system to another location or sell the equipment if business dynamics change. This is an important difference from other fueling solutions that typically require large capital expenditures on land and under-ground improvements. Greenfix can manage all concept-to-build design, permitting, engineering and project management. Two of these stations are currently being built in Palm Springs, CA and Blythe, CA.

NG Fueling Station


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We now have rentals and leases available for a variety of equipment. 

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